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The Best Tool for Learning, Teaching and Making Music.


The Cremona Premier Series of bowed instruments has become one of the most respected collections of string instruments available to the student community by using the same formula that we apply to our renowned Cremona Violins by placing tone, and playability center stage to produce instruments of exceptional quality and value.


For over 40 years, our singular mission has been to inform music educators that Cremona is the best tool for learning, teaching, and making music. We are the first American company to import violins directly for distribution in the USA, and subsequently to more than 50 countries around the world. Since then, Cremona has been the Music Industry Leader that other brands try to emulate.


We look forward to providing the music education community with the best tool for learning, teaching, and making music for many more years to come!

"Children are born into this world as good little citizens already possessing beautiful hearts. What music teachers can do is use a method of learning that celebrates diversity and nurtures creativity and individuality so children can find their own personal expression "

Mark O'Connor



Cremona applies the same formula of quality and value that has made our violins world-renowned in the education market to the Premier Collection of Violas. With a variety of tonewood options specifically combined to optimize a fine balance between quality, value, and tone and an attention to detail designed to appeal to teachers and students of all levels. 



The SVA-500 is an exquisitely crafted, beautifully finished viola that is built for one purpose-TONE! The finest, selected tonewoods are carefully hand-carved and graduated by skilled luthiers of long experience and the result is a full, rich and sympathetic tone that will delight the advanced student. The same lightness of build that makes the SVA-500 so comfortable and easy to hold, ensures a big sound and easy response to the lightest, most delicate touch of the bow.

  • Best tone quality for the advanced student

  • All hand-carved, solid flamed maple back and sides, and select solid spruce top with a rich, hand-applied golden red-brown varnish

  • Set-up to educational standards at our Cremona workshop in the US with French-made Aubert bridge

  • Quality African ebony fittings and fingerboard with a lightweight composite tailpiece with 4 built-in finetuners for easy tuning

  • Includes the well balanced J. LaSalle LB-13V brazilwood bow and sturdy Travelite TL-33V arched top oblong case for secure storage and transport

  • Availible in 16"


There should be music in the child's environment, just as there does exist in the child's environment spoken speech. In the social environment the child should be considered and music should be provided.

Maria Montessori



The Cremona Premier Series of Cellos offer a wide selection of models, each designed to meet the needs of students at every level of the educational spectrum. From primary school students who might require a reliable, easy to play, and affordable instrument, to more advanced players at the collegiate level looking to upgrade to something that will take them into the next stages of the educational process. 



The SVA-500 Cremona Artist Cellos set the new standard for excellence in the Educator Market! Lovely, well-flamed solid maple and select, close-grained solid spruce are carefully hand-carved and graduated for the ultimate in tone and physical beauty. A clear, pleasing red-brown finish gives these cellos a rich and classic look while offering rich tone and tuning stability.

  • Best tone quality for the advanced student

  • Flamed maple with a rich, hand-applied golden red-brown varnish finish

  • Quality ebony fittings and an ebony fingerboard with lightweight composite tailpiece for easy tuning, all hand carved all solid spruce and maple body

  • Quality Hill-style boxwood fittings and select ebony fingerboard

  • Set-up to educational standards at our Cremona workshop in the US with French-made Aubert bridge

  • J. LaSalle LB-13C brazilwood bow and well-padded bag

  • Available in 4/4


A mediocre music teacher tells.

A good music teacher explains.

A superior music teacher demonstrates.

A great music teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward



When it comes to upright basses suitable for students and the working professional, the Cremona Premier Series delivers three impressive models to meet the demands of any player or price-point requirement. Each Cremona Bass is also thoroughly inspected and shop adjusted prior to delivery to assure that it is easy to play and will provide years of trouble-free service. 

Cremona Violins copy: Features


Modeled after the popular basses from the 1940’s and 1950’s, the SB-4 easily meets and exceeds the demands of any player, from the working professional to the more advanced-level student. With features like a solid spruce top, a player contoured neck profile, and backed by the legendary Cremona name, this bass is more durable, playable, and responsive than other basses on the market at twice the price.

  • Clarity and volume come with a hand-carved, properly graduated, select solid spruce top

  • Handcarved select solid flamed curly maple back and sides assure a focused sound and attack

  • Upgraded Ebonite fingerboard, ebony nut, saddle, and tailpiece are strikingly beautiful and extremely long-lasting

  • Correct string height, string spacing, and neck relief for accurate finger positions and intonation

  • Durable black 600-denier padded nylon gig bag for easy storage and transport, bow not included

Cremona Violins copy: Features
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